The preschoolers have enjoyed coming to school each day and seeing their friends and teachers wearing the same color. Monday was blue day and the children watched, and helped, make blue playdough! In language the children matched blue letters to blue lettered squares and in math the children engaged in a shape concentration game. Tuesday, red day! In art the children loofah painted red! In language the children practiced tracing shapes, a good pre-writing experience. In math the children added red apples to a tree using a die to tell how many apples to add each turn. Wednesday green day! In art the children tore green paper and glued it, and in language the children explore matching color words together. In math the children sorted green shapes by type. Today was yellow day! In art the children painted paper plates yellow and in math the children sorted animals by color. In language this afternoon, the children will make playdough letters. Tomorrow is white day and in art the children will create a white puffy paint mural. In math the children will add shapes to a 1 to 1 correspondence grid and in language the children will practice writing shape and color words. In the sensory table this week the children worked with colored vehicle counters, small colanders and spoons. The children are also watching some flowers to see if there are any changes to their color. We have 2 vases, 1 with green water and one with purple water. The children made some predictions about what they think will happen and now they are checking throughout the day to see if anything has changed. Exciting science!

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