This week was a colorful week that ended with a rainbow!  The children had lots of fun with this week’s theme which is Colors/Shapes. While the children already know their colors but they may not know how to spell and recognize the names of colors which is what I focused on this week.   Same thing with shapes.  I focused mainly on 2-D shapes to refresh their memories and I also touched base on 3-D shapes.  I have words on my word wall that have the shapes, names of shapes, colors, and names of colors to help the children with word recognition.  I do teach 3-D shapes throughout the year once they master knowing all the 2-D shapes.  

We practiced tracing letters, practiced writing letters using a red marker on a dry erase board, dictated and discussed what our favorite colors are, we talked about the different shapes and colors that we see outside, and practiced writing colors and shapes words.

We counted the number of blue gems, traced the red triangle using red counting bears, counted out the number of green circles using 1:1 correspondence, created patterns using the pattern block and cards, and we named and identified 3-D shapes.

For Art, we made a house out of shapes, we made a square using wooden sticks and/or q- tips, and we made a rainbow with clouds (cotton balls).  Some of the children asked me if they can make a rainbow during self-directed play which is perfectly fine with me.  They showed me what they had made and some of them gave me their creations which will be hung up on the wall.  

I did some Science experiments this week.  I did an M&M and a rainbow skittles experiment where the children had to tell me what they think would would happen if I added water to the candies.   They guessed correctly that the colors would melt off the candies and create a rainbow.  I also did an apple experiment where I cut the apple in half so they can see a star and seeds inside the apple. Then I asked the children what would happen if I left the apple out overnight and most of them said that the apple would turn brown which is correct.

We ended the week of by going into the Great Room in our purple shirts with the entire center with their colors and having a rainbow snack!  It was a fun and colorful week in PreK 2. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

 Next week’s theme is:  Fall.

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