Aarrgggh mateys!! Time for you to walk the plank. This week was all about pirates! We had some fun learning about what pirates do such as going on to other ships to get the gold or traveling with a treasure map to find the treasure which is marked by an X. This week the children worked on letter recognition activities as well as rhyming at the language table and at the math table they worked on number recognition and my favorite…memory game. At science this week we had some foil boats in water and the children had to determine how many coins can sink the ship. The sensory bin this week was filled with gems, treasure chests and eye patches! The children became one with the pirate. We learned how the flag became known as the Jolly Roger..

Thanks to our friendly pirate friend Roger himself who wanted to bake a cake but made an explosion instead causing flour to get all over him making him look like a skeleton scaring the other pirates so that’s how you get the skull and crossbones. Our friends got creative this week at art by making a collage of treasure, making their own pirate ship out of a coffee filter and let’s not forget a true pirate needs their hat. Taking a step back from pirates, we also learned about the letter Cc. We read the Cc book, came up with words that started wirh Cc and sang our Cc song. We hope the young lads and lassies had a wonderful week being a pirate and we will continue the fun next week. We hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

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