It’s all about the pirates week, and the children have enjoyed all the books we have read about pirates. Monday in art the children created yarn collages as they glued various colored yarn to their paper. In math the children added treasure to a 1 to 1 grid and in language they practiced writing their names. Tuesday in art the children did more gluing as they cut paper to glue to their pirate flag. In math the children engaged in a pirate bingo game and in language they matched treasure letters to a treasure map. Wednesday in art the children painted with paintbrushes, it was supposed to be loofah’s but they asked for brushes instead. In math the children engaged in a pirate eye patch concentration activity and in language they practiced writing lower case letters by rolling a letter die to see what letter to write. Today we put out the play dough and the kids enjoyed this fine motor experience to help strengthen their small muscles. In math the children engaged in a path game to get the pirate ship to the treasure. In language this afternoon we will engage in some pirate talk, asking the children questions to start conversations. Tomorrow in art the children will paint and add glitter! In math the children will sort fruit loops by color by matching them to the corresponding pipe cleaner, and in language they will dictate what they would do if they were a pirate. In the sensory table this week the children explored water with boats, people counters and treasures. Tomorrow the children will explore a science activity to find the hidden treasure in a cube of baking soda. To find the treasure  they will drop vinegar onto the baking soda cubes. The children will also have music class after lunch tomorrow.

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