We introduced the theme with a song called “I want to be a Pirate”, read a story called “Dora’s Pirate Adventure”. We talked about pirate ships, gold, treasure, walking the plank and what pirates wear.


Monday- stamped with circle sponges on brown paper to make gold coins on treasure chest

Tuesday- Telescopes- glued orange glitter on black long tube

Wednesday- Pirate Hats- used sponges w/ white paint and glued on pirate skull

Thursday- Pirate Ship- painted boat brown and glued on flag

Friday- Pirate- Glue hat, eyes, patch & mustache 


We practice sorting pirate hats by size, small/med/large by stacking on top of each other, we practiced counting coins by placing them in treasure boxes, magnet numbers and cookie sheets to post and name number if recognized-great number visual exposure experiences, and Friday, we will practice more counting by counting the flags w/ containers.

Motor Development

The children worked their fingers to strengthen by pressing coins into play-dough to make impressions, roll the dough and squeeze in between hands, we stacked various size pirate cups to balance using eye-hand coordination, pom-poms with tongs and egg cartons to practice working tongs open/close, the children used small colored foam blocks to build/stack and balance to make their own creation and Friday, we will practice lacing with pirate lacing cards with shoe strings and pipe cleaners to practice with both grips.

Sensory Table

Sand, gems, gold coins, treasure boxes and scoops


Walked the Plank-[ balance beam]

Treasure Hunt

We’re going on a treasure hunt

Taste apple cider

Make apple pie- per children’s request

Thursday-We explored 3 different squash[spaghetti, acorn and butternut] we ate it at snack time

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