Avast, ye mateys! I hope you all had a great week. The young toddlers took to the high seas to learn about pirates this week. We practiced our listening skills with some instructional pirate songs, built a boat out of blocks, and drew with crayons and chalk for our language activities. For math, we worked with number magnets, counted doubloons, and matched colors. We played with bristle blocks and shape sorters to work our small muscles, and walked the plank to practice balance and coordination. We played Ring Around the Rosie and had a treasure hunt to learn how to play with others. For art this week, we drew treasure maps, painted with doubloons, used animal stamps, and made a treasure map. On Friday, Miss Mel will come to do music with us. Next week, we will learn all about fire safety and community helpers like firefighters, police officers, doctors, and mail carriers.

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