Ahoy matey, what a fun week it has been doing what the pirates do!  Our older children sang songs about being on the water and imitated the movements that accompany these fun songs.  They made marks on paper after watching us make a large X marks the spot on our paper first.  They have followed bubbles, tried working pipe cleaners in and out of the holes in a colander, and dropped balls down a large tube.  Some tried their hand at sticking tissue paper to large contact paper pieces and rolling balls back and forth between friends and teachers.  Our older ones are pushing walking toys to get their balance to try walking on their own while some of our younger ones are perfecting the art of pulling themselves to standing.  Many of them are learning to wave hello and goodbye and are very proud of themselves.  Peek-a-boo with scarves has helped many of them practice their belly laughs.  They had the chance to explore nesting cups and then stacked them on top of each other to make tall towers, what fun to push them down!  Sensory bottles with water and sand has been a huge hit and it has been fun to watch them discover the different bottles and what their reactions are to them.  Lots of pirate type activities, infant sized, and it has been a week of discovery and fun for them! 

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