This week the children have been learning about all kinds of occupations people have and how they are helpful. The children have also been learning about fire safety and what to do when there is a fire. Monday in art the children created some chalk art by dipping their chalk in water and creating a picture on paper. In math the children played the mouse color match game and in language they engaged in community helpers lotto. Tuesday in art the children worked their small muscles for band aid art; they practiced opening the band-aids, peeling the backing and sticking to their paper. In math the children engaged in a fire extinguisher shape matching game and in language the children matched letters to a letter grid. Wednesday in art the children explored painting without a mess! They moved paint, inside a ziplock bag, to mix and explore the texture and feel of the paint moving around with their hands. In language the children practiced writing letters as they chose various words for fire safety to try writing. In math the children engaged in a path game to get the fire truck to the fire. Today in art the children painted with toothbrushes and in language they dictated what community helper they want to be. In math the children added pennies to a 1 to 1 grid and this afternoon they will explore adding them to a basket using subitize cards. Tomorrow in art the children will create a tissue paper collage and in language they will engage in a concentration activity with uppercase and lowercase letters.  In math the children will add choo choo wheels to a grid. This week in the sensory table the children worked with ice cube trays, veggie counters and small bottles. The children also explored a science activity and predicted what will happen to 1 egg sitting in milk, 1 egg sitting in coffee, and 1 egg sitting in vinegar. We left the eggs sitting in the liquids overnight. Yesterday we observed the changed. The children noticed the egg in the milk didn’t change, but that the liquid got a little thicker. The egg in the coffee they noticed it stained the egg brown, and the egg in the vinegar got squishy! They were amazed with the egg in the vinegar, it was pretty fascinating!

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