This week’s theme was fire safety and community helpers. In language this week, we read various books about community helpers, wrote in “fire” (red and yellow paint in ziploc bags), wrote on boogie boards, manipulated foam letters, and used crayons to write on notebook paper. In cognitive development this week, we manipulated puzzles, matched fire trucks and other helper vehicles, did a hot versus cold science experiment, and sorted different colored envelopes. In motor development this week, we practice “stop, drop, and roll,” built with waffle blocks, ripped up red, orange, and yellow paper, blew out candles, and twisted and turned nuts and bolts. In art this week, we painted with sponges, finger painted, glued red, orange, and yellow paper to make a fire collage, and used stamps on paper. in social and emotional development this week, we played Simon Says and delivered “letters” to each other. We added cheerios and fire trucks to our sensory table and community helper dolls to our block area. Tomorrow we will write on clipboards for language development, sort shapes for cognitive development, manipulate busy boards for motor development and paint with fire trucks in art. We also have been painting our very own fire truck this week and will finish it tomorrow.       

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