Now that the children have settled into PreK 2, we have been going over safety rules for school and we talked this week about how to be safe at home.  Fire Safety is one of things that we talked this week and even though the children already know from previous classrooms but it’s good to have a refresher.  We talked about when to dial 911 and to make sure it is an emergency.  We don’t dial 911 if our cat is stuck in a tree, if a friend took our toy, or to tell the 911 person about our day at school.  I gave the children different scenarios and asked if they would dial 911 and the children asked questions if they did not understand what I was asking.  They seemed to understand when its okay to dial 911.  We also talked about community helpers and how they can help us.  

We practiced writing names of community helpers, practiced writing the letter Ee, made an Ee word list, and the children played a letter sounding game.  They also played a Match the Community Helper game and came up with some fire safety rules.

They did a Fire Safety Patterning activity, Count and Clip Community Helpers, Fire Safety Shapes with paint dabbers, Simple Addition, Community Helper sorting game, and practiced writing numbers.

They made a fire truck by coloring, cutting out the shapes, and gluing them onto black construction paper, fire handprint, and made a police car by cutting the shape and painting it blue.  It was a fun week learning about Community Helpers and Fire Safety.  The children know to make sure they ask an adult for help and they learned who the trusted adults are that they can go to if they are in trouble or if they need help.  They know to listen to their mommy and daddy because mommy and daddy want to keep them safe.  

We had a busy week but fun week learning and we also had picture day!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!  

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