We had a cute theme this week which was Nursery Rhymes.  We talked about the different nursery rhymes and I asked the children if they knew any nursery rhymes.  The ones they were familiar with are Hickory, Dickory Dock and Twinkle Little Star.  I had the children recall what they remember about the nursery rhymes they named and then I had them draw a picture.  

I did something different this week.  I read books where the authors had their own version of the nursery rhymes such as the The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,  Row, Row, Row Your Boat, There Was an Old Woman Who L:ived in a Show to name a few.  I explained to the children that the authors wrote their own versions of the nursery rhymes and I even changed some of the words so that the children were able to understand the story.  They practiced writing Ff and made a Ff word list.  They practiced writing names of the nursery rhymes, did an Itsy, Bitsy Spider sequencing game, and they learned the names of numbers in word form.  They also played a game where they had to find the missing letter.

The children did an activity where they had to count the number of dots on the dominoes and find the number card.  They counted “pumpkin seeds” using 1:1 correspondence, they did a Spider 10 frame where they had to recognize the number, count out the counters, and place them on the ten frames.  They did a Hickory Dickory Dock Clock activity where they used the number cards and placed them in order on the clock.  They used our classroom clock for help if they got stumped.  They did an activity where they had to find the missing number and the big kids that came helped the PreK kids find the missing numbers.

We learned about the pumpkin life cycle by watching a short video and they did a Pumpkin Life Cycle sequencing.  We talked about each step from the time the pumpkin seed is planted until it is a fully grown pumpkin.  

We cut out pumpkins and painted them using orange paint, we made a mouse and clock art project, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 where we glued the pieces onto construction paper.  It was a fun week in art.  

I focused this week on sequencing by using terms first, second, third, and used numbers as reference so that the children understood what I was talking about.  They seemed to get the grasp on sequencing and I will add more cards once they understand what comes first, second, third, etc.  

I talked this week about how we can be respectful towards teachers because sometimes the children like to talk while the teacher is talking or they will talk back to the teacher.  I gave the children scenarios and asked them if this is being kind or not being kind to teachers and they were able to tell me.  I give them reminders daily that when the teacher is speaking, they should be looking at the teacher while being silent.  

We also made chocolate chip muffins and we had so much fun making them together.  The children were really excited about giving them to their moms and dads.  They also got to have one as well.  I left it up to them if they wanted to take it home or eat it at school during snack time.  I hope you enjoyed them! 

Please make sure your child has a Fall jacket and dresses warm because it will be getting colder and colder as the month goes on.  I have a Halloween Celebration sign up sheet near the parent board if you would like to contribute to our celebration.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Next week’s theme: Numbers

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