This was a fun and busy week full of familiar and not-so-familiar nursery rhymes. We reviewed a lot and learned a few new ones. We also discovered how many rhymes have the name “Jack” in them. Our favorite story so far was “The Crown Affair” where Private Investigator Joe Dumpty (Humpty’s cousin) solves the mystery of where Jack’s crown went as they move threw the town of Mother Gooseland. For some art, we made our own versions of Humpty Dumpty and colored and cut out the 3 Little Kittens lost mittens. Math consisted of the dish (From Hey Diddle Diddle) and the clocks from Hickory Dickory Dock. We experimented with some float and sink in Jack and Jill’s bucket. We will end our week with a music class (ALWAYS so fun!!!!) and baking some brownies! 

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