We introduced the theme with a song and picture for each Nursery Rhyme of the day. We learned some new hand motions and some new songs. 


Monday- Hot Cross Buns

Tuesday- Jack Be Nimble

Wednesday-Ba Ba Black Sheep

Thursday- Itsy-Bitsy Spider



We practiced counting with jumbo plastic coins and bank containers to count as high as we can, and sort color coins into 2 piles, during math activity, we used real birthday candles to push into foam rings to count, counting white pom-poms and placed into black wire baskets using small white clothespins to fill, count and dump, we poked purple and brown pipe cleaners into foam cups to make spiders and count how many legs the children poked through, and Friday the children will practice matching egg shapes by matching into the same spot in egg carton.

Motor Development

During fine motor activities during activity time, the children used play-dough and muffin tins to press in each spot using fingers to put in and get out, candle craft sticks to make stand in small carnival boxes placing one at a time, sheep wrapping by wrapping yarn around a small cardboard sheep to work both hands together or separate, lacing spider rings on straws holding straw in one hand and spider ring in the other hand, and Friday we will use plastic eggs to drop in tubes to practice eye-hand coordination.

Sensory Table

(Hey Diddle Diddle Theme) black beans, plates, spoons and cows


Jumped over candle stick

Crawl up the water spout

My Plate puzzles

Egg Experiment

We made cookies for Breast Cancer awareness

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