We introduced the theme with a number board from1-10, and practice counting each day, finding numbers by pointing to them, practice matching same numbers and number books all week.

Monday- #5 glued 5 materials on paper

Tuesday-#4 glued colored circles to make a Caterpillar

Wednesday- #3 Fish Bowl- painted with blue Karo Syrup and glued on 3 fish on bowl

Thursday-#2- glued on 2 trucks

Friday- Number collage 1-10


We practiced color and number match with Uno cards and small number clothes pins, Number craft sticks with number pouches to match numbers, number car tracing boards with small cars for tracing and number recognition, we practiced matching numbers/colors by using boot cards to place together and name.

Motor Development

We continue to build our fine motor skills by using clothes pins to open and close/squeeze with fingers , magnet wands and number fish magnets to connect, name number and see how many fish we can connect ,cupcake liners with muffin tins, colored bears to practice matching and placing in tins, and Friday, we will push pipe cleaners into number cups with teacher help to match the same amount per each cup.

Sensory Table

Colored water, plastic numbers, ladles and small buckets

Health & Wellness

5 food groups



Halloween songs, finger plays, Rhymes, Number books/counting Number treasure hunt

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