This week’s theme was numbers. In language development this week, we read various counting books, wrote on ice cream cone cutouts with colored pencils, colored on star shaped paper, wrote on magnetic writing boards, and colored on ladybug cutouts. In cognitive development this week, we filled containers with bottle caps and compared which ones had more, manipulated math tiles, counted dots on dominos, put together puzzles, counted pompoms, and did a walking water science experiment. In motor development this week, we scooped pompoms into ice cream cones, put stickers on a poster board, jumped on different numbers, put pipe cleaners into gears, and played with magnets. In art this week, we glued ice cream scoops on ice cream cones, stamp stars on paper, created paper plate monsters, and glued spots on ladybugs. In social and emotional development this week, we played musical instruments and did a graph of how many boys and girls are in the classroom. For social studies this week, we counted the members of our families. Tomorrow we will read Five Little Monkeys and do a felt board in language development, place checkers on a checkerboard in cognitive development, manipulate play-doh in motor development, and paint handprints onto trees in art. 

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