This week we focused on numbers and counting. Monday in art the children stamped with emotion face stampers and in language they matched number words. In math the children engaged in a number bingo game, a good way to learn what numbers look like. For science on Monday the children explored a scale and how it works. They made predictions and tested out various items from the classroom to weigh. Tuesday in art the children created a picture with watercolors and in language the children explored writing number words. In math the children played a hi-ho cherry oh game where they added cherries from a tree to a basket, using a spinner to tell how many to add. Wednesday in art the children painted with finger paint, a great sensory exploration and in language the children looked for numbers hidden around the room and they used position words to tell where they found the number. In math the children engaged in a black and white memory game. Today in art the children worked on their drawing skills to draw mpeople and in language they traced numbers. In math the children graphed bear counters by color. This afternoon   for science they will explore things that roll. Tomorrow in art the children will paint with combs and in language they will find numbers hidden around the room. In math the children will add frog counters to logs. In the dry table this week the children explored a fine motor experience to cut paper and in the block area the children have been getting creative with plastic flower pots.,

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