Boat, train, plane or through books…this week Pre-k went around the world. This week the children learned how to say “Hello” in different countries such as Australia, India, China, and Mexico…just to name a few. The children also learned how to write “Hello” at the language table in different countries. The children worked on subitizing at the math table where they played dominoes and matched the ends together. They worked on a memory game and put together a puzzle of the world. At language, the children worked on letter recognition, writing and letter sounds. At science this week, we put marshmallows and toothpicks out so the children can get creative and make their own city or country out of it. The children were little artists this week creating their own Australian dot art, painting with rollers, making their own version of a Kenya necklace and making a Chinese fan. We also looked at pictures of children from different countries and noted some similarities and differences with the clothes that they wear. Lastly throughout the week, we worked on the letter Gg. We came up with words that started with Gg, sang the Gg song and read the Gg book. With Halloween only six days away, we have been doing some movement activities dancing like zombies, bats, and ghosts! We hope that the children enjoyed learning about different places. There is new adventure for next week. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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