This week, we went “Around the World”  and it was so much fun!  We started off in Japan and ended our trip by visiting Germany.  We learned many facts, words in different languages, and we made flags for each country that we visited.  The children saw what Chinese letters looked like and they tried to write them on paper.  They expressed interest in wanting to learn more about different countries which I will do at a later date.  They tried to pick pom poms up by using chopsticks.  It was challenging but they accepted the challenge!  We had the school age children as well and everyone got along wonderful!  They helped my PreK children letters, numbers, or anything they needed help with.  

We verbally said words that started with Hh and made a Hh word list, the children practiced writing Hh, practiced writing names of different countries, and learned some words in different languages by saying them verbally.  The children also practiced matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters and they did letter recognition as well.  

We counted using fake American money, counted pizza toppings by using the pizza orders, patterned with unifex cubes by only using colors of Ireland, and used wooden blocks to count up to 15.  We did number recognition as well by reciting numbers going up to 15 while I pointed to each number.  

We made different flags from Japan, China, Italy, Ireland, and Germany by using different materials each day.  We ripped paper, used paint dabbers, paint, coloring pencils, crayons, etc.  It was a fun week because we used many different materials.  We tried to make Oobleck but it was very messy and I think they still enjoyed it.  They said that it was a liquid and a solid; they also stated that it felt weird!  We will try this experiment again because I think I used too much water but they said I made it perfect!   

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

Next week’s theme:  Halloween

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