Goodbye October and Hello November!  Our Halloween Celebration was a success!  Thank you so much for contributing because the children were so excited to get the yummy treats, plates, napkins, and cups!  They had so much fun trick-or-treating on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  They had fun trick-or-treating around the center as well.  We took our costumes off so that do not get ruined and then we played games in the Great Room:  ball toss, ring toss, bowling, bean bag toss, etc.  I played Halloween music during our celebration that took place after nap.   They LOVED it!

Now that got Halloween done, it was time to focus on learning.  We did an Ii word list, learned new sight words, and we listened to Jack Hartmann’s Letter Sounds where they learned what sounds the letters make.  This is an important skill for reading and writing.  We practiced writing Ii on the writing magic board, we wrote Halloween words on strips of paper, They did a Candy Corn Beginning Sounds activity where that had to what sound each picture makes and clip it.  They also did a Halloween letter matching game.

We did number recognition where I wrote numbers on the board and they had to verbally say what the number is.  They practiced counting numbers using the calendar and 100 Days of School Chart.  The children played a game called Sorry Sliders.  We picked a number cards and counted spiders. They played a Spider Web Roll and Cover game where they used dice to count and find the number on the spider web.  They practiced writing umbers using number cards. 

They made their own haunted house using black, yellow, orange, and gray paper.  They had to draw out and cut their Halloween items and glue them onto blue paper.  They had to make their own version of haunted house and put it on the blue paper.  They drew a picture of themselves trick-or-treating, and they did an art project where they had to rip pieces of paper and glue them on to the paper that had a picture of candy corn.

This week was a fun week because the children loved the Halloween theme.  They said it was their favorite because they got to dress up and eat candy.  

We officially got snow on Wednesday so that means the children will be needing their snow suits.  If you are comfortable leaving their snow stuff in their cubbies, that would be great!  Please make sure their names are somewhere on their snow stuff so that I can help them keep track and figure out who has what.  Please make sure they have a jacket that will keep them warm.  We do have gloves and hats for the children but those stay here and please do not take them home.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Next week’s theme:  Theme Week

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