It is theme week in the center and we have been having tons of fun with a lot of different activities.  Many of the activities that we did with the children this week were appropriate for everyone and provided different stages for each of the various age groups.  There have been pegboards out – our younger ones can take them off the board, while some of our older ones are figuring out to put them back into the correct holes on the board while some have even figured out how to stack them all together.   Chalkboards came out for them to practice not only marking on them but even how to just hold the chalk in one hand.  Lacing toys was a fun fine motor activity that our older babies participated in while our younger ones practiced holding onto ring toys from our stacking rings.  Pulling scarves out of balls, coloring on paper, shape sorters and dropping items into the tops of coffee cans have all been out for the children and they each have participated in their own ways. They also manipulated baggies filled with dyed shaving cream.  We also have been using transition times to let them explore book, where some are learning to turn the pages on their own or to pat at the pages, but all are hearing new words to build their vocabulary.   It has been a week of learning new skills and fun activities with more to come next week. 

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