Theme week was a success because the children had so much fun with this theme.  They would check the chart to see what theme comes next and they would tell their peers.  We had the school age children on Tuesday due to Voting.  We went on a field trip to the library on Wednesday and Thursday where the children got to build a dog with Legos and build a building with Citiblocks.  They really enjoyed pretending they were engineers and building with a friend.  

We worked on Jj word list, letter sounds, and practiced writing Jj.  I made a voting sheet where they had to vote for their favorite food, animals, places they like to visit, etc.  Once the voting was done, I tallied up which ones had the most votes and it was pizza, dogs, sea lions, strawberries, and zoo.  We looked around our classroom for items that started with the letter Jj and dictated what their favorite theme (Hat Day, Crazy Hair Day, etc) is.  

We patterned with unifex cubes, counted out the number of votes, played a number matching game, measured dry ingredients, and played a same/different game.  We did marble art where they got to choose 2 colors of paint and moved the marbles around by pushing and pulling the bin.  We glued things on paper backwards and we drew a picture of our favorite Disney character.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.    

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