Leading up to Thanksgiving, this week has been all about family.  Today is our annual Feast Day and it is always so much fun!  All the children sitting in the Great Room together and enjoying a turkey dinner has always been a highlight of the beginning of this holiday season.  In the classroom, they have chased after bubbles, explored bowls and spoons, and played with different kinds of pretend food.  So many of them are working on walking or crawling forward and then clapping for themselves once they have accomplished it.  They listened to animal puppets sing Old MacDonald and many books about what they see and hear in their environment.  We have taped sticks to highchair trays and had them try to get them off and practiced taking rings on and off a post.  They are discovering how to push and pull, moving toys all over the floor.  They have had several fun games of chase, laughing at each other and so proud that several of them are doing it at the same time!  It has been a fun week talking about who is in our families and next week we will have activities that center around sitting down with our families to eat some amazing food.  

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