Hello families! This week was a fun filled week with each day being a different theme! Who doesn’t like a good theme week? On Monday we wore our cool sunglasses! The children worked on putting the suns in numerical order, designed their own sunglasses and worked on an ABC sunglass match game at the language table. On Tuesday, the children wore their clothes backwards. The children wrote their name backwards, counted backwards 10-1 and created their own bracelet. Wednesday was Crazy Hair day and our friends did not disappoint…we loved all the crazy hairstyles. The children worked on sorting hair accessories such as pony tails and clips at the math table and at the language table the goal was for them to come up with a word for each letter of Crazy Hair. Thursday was all about the hats! We saw some fun baseball hats, winter hats and even wizard and unicorn hats. The children made patterns with mini hats and as a group, we came up with words that rhyme with hat. We also worked on the letter of the week which was Ii. We read the Ii book, sang the song and came up with words that start with the letter. Thanks to Mr. Jack Hartmann, we also learned how to sign the letter Ii in sign language. We will end our fun filled theme week with Disney! We hope our friends enjoyed this week…I know the teachers did! We hope you all have a fun weekend! 

~Chasity and Tara~

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