The talk everyday in preschool has been about what everyone’s themed item or dress looked like; they are loving all of it! Monday in language the children traced letters with poker chips, a good activity to explore letter formation and use fine motor skills of eye hand coordination and finger grips. In math the children engaged in a sunglasses shape activity, we added regular shapes to the experience as well. In art the children painted with small solo cups, another good motor experience to explore different ways to hold the cup. On Tuesday in language the children enjoyed a fun game of popping for letters. They needed to pull a popcorn letter out of the popcorn box and identify and when a popcorn was drawn that said “pop,” they needed to put their pieces back in the box and we shook them up again. This experience focused on letter identification and turn taking. In math the children worked on one-to-one correspondence and counting by adding foam cubes to a grid using a die to determine how many to add. Wednesday in language the children worked with rhyming stones, they looked at the pictures on the stones, said it out loud in order to find the matching rhyming stone. In math the children sorted skittles on a color graph. After sorting them out they would look to see which color had more, and which had less ad they would count to see if their predictions were correct. Today in art the children decorated paper plate hats with sticker shapes and gems. This experience focused on fine motor to peel the backing off the shapes and peeling the gems off the sheet of paper. In math the children explored a hat number matching game, a good activity to familiarize with what numbers look like. In language the children practiced writing letters, another fine motor task to build letter writing skills. Tomorrow in art the children will paint with forks, always a fun experience. In language the children will look at Disney pictures from books and talk about them, and most likely if they are familiar with the picture, they will tell the story. In math the children will add colored gems to a crown. In the sensory table this week the children have been working with vegetable counters, ice cube trays, cups, and tongs. For science this week the children engaged in a STEM activity with toothpicks and gummy bears; this allowed the children to get creative in a different way and see what they could make, we saw shapes and all sorts of other representations of robots, slides, airplanes, helicopters and so much more.

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