I hope everyone has had a fantastic week. I want to thank everyone who participated in Theme Week this year. On Monday, we were too cool for school in our sunglasses. We painted with our sunglasses on, told stories with puppets, and read about Pete the Cat’s magic sunglasses. We switched things up with backwards day. We practiced walking backwards, painted with watercolors, practiced flipping on our coats, built with magnets, and wrote on poster boards with pencils. On Wednesday, we showed off our tangled tresses for crazy hair day. We drew our own crazy hair and did a science experiment where we tie-dyed milk with food coloring and dish soap. We topped off the week on Thursday with hat day. We did a hat dance, made our own headbands, hopped in and out of hula hoops, and wrote with water. We’re bringing a little magic to the end of the week on Friday with Disney day. We’re going to play red light, green light, hunt for balloons, practice our fine motor skills with our wooden manipulatives, and have music with Miss Mel. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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