We introduced each them each day wit the children’s items brought in each day


Sunglasses- glued foil pieces to make shades

Backwards Day- Painted on the side sideways

Crazy Hair Day- Glued on yarn on paper face

Hat Day- Decorated our Thanksgiving head bands for feast

Disney Day- Make Mickey paper plate/headband


Dino grid board with colored bingo colored bingo dots to match one-to-one, fill up and count the Dino dots, colored foam balls w/ small green buckets to fill up while counting, colored measuring foam blocks to compare sizes and Friday, large and small colored tiles to build, compare and  make patterns. All materials provided allow the children to build their math knowledge, learn new things and compare materials and objects.

Motor Development

Jumbo colored clothespins with bowls to practice opening/closing and clipping on the sides of the bowls, brown paper bags and scissors to practice grip/hold scissors to make cuts/slits using whole hand/fingers to practice and strengthen, colored ring/peg boards to slide onto pegs making them all fit, Clothing lacing cards and shoe strings to practice lacing, eye-hand coordination and manipulation.

Sensory Table

Spaghetti noodles to break into pieces with hands


Friday Celery experiment, Thursday- we made eggplant based off of children’s interest, animal yoga

Health & Wellness

Introduction to seasonal trees, Fruit dice activity

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