This week’s theme was families. In language development this week, we read various books surrounding families, looked at and named pictures of different family members on our family vocab board, write on a “F” cutout, traced shaped in shaving cream, colored on paper and wrote on clipboards. In cognitive development this week, we manipulated magnetic numbers, matched different colored people to houses of the same color, manipulated math tiles and sorted different family members. In motor development this week, we did yoga, built with our wood exploration set, marched around the classroom to “The Ants Go Marching” and placed families inside of houses. In art this week, we decorated leaves for our family tree, glued magazine cutouts on a poster board to make a family collage and stamped people on paper. In social studies this week, we looked at different family photos and pointed to and named the different family members, Tomorrow we will write on chalkboards for language development, do shape puzzles for cognitive development, use tongs to pick up cheerios for motor development, and paint houses in art. 

We also had our Thanksgiving feast today and celebrated Violet’s 2nd birthday!

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