We introduced the theme with a picture of a house and the word Families. We named all the people who live in our house, and pets too. The children named their family members and pets and shred what kind of house they live in. We also talked about the various houses/apartments/homes people live in.

Thursday- Thanksgiving Feast- 11:00


Monday- Glued various cloth materials to represent windows & doors

Tuesday- Letter “F” for families- glued on colorful cupcake liners

Wednesday-Table cloth coloring with markers

Thursday- Special Gift for friend leaving the center

Friday- Family portrait- hand prints with the word “Family”


The children use various size colored bears to practice patterns with colors and arrange by size, piggy banks with large colored buttons for counting and matching colors by paring and Friday, shape wall hunt- find the shapes on the wall.

Motor Development

The children manipulated Q-tips into colanders  to make fit, push through and pull out to strengthen fine motor skills, shape colored links, foam balls with craft sticks to poke working fingers, rainbow people connectors for snapping together, and Friday, we will do Rainbow experiment.

Sensory Table

Beans, small people counters, confetti, scoops and small pots


“Mommy and Daddy Says”( Simone says)

What do you like to do with your family?

Turkey Dance

Practicing Thanksgiving songs- Turkey Dinner, A Turkey is a Funny Bird,  Hello Tommy Turkey How are you?

Make Guacamole

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