This week we talked a lot about our families, how some families are the same and some are different. Many friends have sisters, some have brothers and some are the only child. The week was also filled with many activities relating to families. Monday in art the children painted with people sponges and in language the children engaged in an activity to match letters to their name, a good letter recognition activity. In math the children matched mommy animal pictures to the baby animal pictures. Tuesday in art the children painted with pencil erasers, lots of dot work! In language the children looked at pictures of families doing things like taking walks, cooking, watching a movie and more; and the children talked about the pictures and related them to real life activities they do with their families. In math the children looked at family pictures, counted the number of people in them and then looked for the corresponding number to place a clothespin on. This experience not only focused on number identification, but also fine motor to use the clothespin. Wednesday in art the children made their headbands to wear for the feast and in language they practiced writing family words: grandma, grandpa, cousin, sister, brother, mom and dad. In math the children added people to create their own family photo. They rolled a die to tell how many people to add to the photo frame. Today in art the children glued people cuts outs to paper and in math the children explored placing different shapes ion a pumpkin cut out. In math the children dictated things about their family. Today was also the feast! So fun and a wonderful experience to share lunch with all the classrooms out in the great room. Tomorrow in art the children will do some bingo dot art and in language they will match letters to a neighborhood map. In math the children will create patterns with family member pictures. In the sensory table this week the children worked with fruit counters, spoons and strainers.

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