We talked about Families this week and who is in our family.  We learned that not all families are the same because not everyone has a mommy and a daddy.  Some families may have one parent, grandparents may be raising the child, some may have 2 mommies, 2 daddies, or maybe an aunt, uncle, brother, or sister may be raising the child.  Some families may be blended where there’s multiple adults and children living in the same household. 

We made a list of Kk words, practiced writing Kk, and we made letters using pattern blocks and letter mats.  We read the story, A Pocket Full of Kisses‘ and recalled details in the story and I wrote down what they had said.  We practiced writing family words (mom, dad, brother, sister, etc),.  We dictated who is in our family and charted the number on the chart.  The children played a game where they had to match rhyming words.

We learned how to subitize the number 10 using dice and ten frames.  We played a Match It! Math game where they either did simple addition or counted the number of objects and looked for the number that matches.  We practiced writing 10 and ten using dry erase markers and dry erase board.  We played Family Bingo.

We drew a picture of our family which is on the wall underneath their names, we made a turkey and the children wrote down things they are thankful for and they are hanging in our window.   We painted using feathers and paint.  We also made a turkey hat with feathers that the children cut out.  

We had our annual Thanksgiving Feast in the Great Room.  We made applesauce which the children helped cut the apples and they got to see how it was made.  They were very excited to try it!  We wore our Turkey Hats they we had made.  The children really enjoyed seeing all of the children eating at the feast and they talked about how cool it was to see all the kids.   It was a great week!  

Don’t forget that our conferences are on Monday and I look forward seeing you!  

if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.  

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