This week has been so fun to learn and see all about your families. Getting the family scavenger hunt bags returned was our favorite part! We loved to see how each boy and girl explained their family items and which thing belonged to what member in the family. We also loved seeing the family thankful feathers come back to see how each of you celebrate and what you are thankful for! We drew our own families and talked about the differences as we graphed the numbers for a math activity. We have a variety of families in the classroom and we love that each one is unique. The sensory table has been filled with shredded paper, people and laminated family member names. The children have been doing a great job of finding a word and then matching it up to a person they find in the table. Our language activities have been to practice writing as we wrote family names and listed our brothers and sisters. We got lucky with the weather this week and have been outside a lot! The leaves literally drop on our heads as we play, so catching them while they fell was a great time consuming activity. The big celebration was with everyone in the Great Room as we ate our Thanksgiving feast together. From the looks of it, we didn’t have too many boys and girls fond of the fixings, so perhaps some chicken nuggets might be made next Thursday! Chasity and I on the other hand, ate all of our food and are anxious to celebrate the big day with each of our families. We will say a special THANK YOU to all of you for sharing your little one with us. We are thankful for all of you! 

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